Stage Hire Services


General Information

Our stages are constructed using aluminium framing from a specially extruded profile. The plywood surface has a non-skid, water-resistant top layer that is highly durable.


Prolyte Stage DEX

Our Prolyte Stage DEX can be safely used both indoors and outside and can be installed on most surfaces. They can be used for stages, catwalks, tiered risers and car display.

Perspex Stage DEX

The Prolyte Perspex Stage DEX are our newest product for extraordinary stage setups. Amazing light effects are possible with the semi-transparent surface.

Stage Cover

Carpets can be used for all kinds of events and for stages and catwalks. Vinyl in different colours or even with patterns creates a special look for catwalks or stages


We provide accessories and special parts for several needs. Our Stages and Catwalks always come with a black Stage Skirt and one Step.

Wheelchair Ramps

At Stagehire services, we are committed to this. Our specialists can build wheelchair ramps and moveable risers, providing greater overall experience and service.

Wedding Stages

Either as a ceremony stage, a head table stage or for your band or DJ. Or you can use a standard stage and have it personalized to your own colour requirements.

Stage Safety

Handrails for your stage and Stair handrails are available on request to meet your safety needs. These are fitted to the stage and stairs specifically for users as an extra safety measure.

Circle Stages and Special Shapes

For that special stage shape, we can either supply from our current range of circle or angle stages to meet your size requirements of custom make a stage to suit.

Stage Sides

As well as our standard black pleated Skirts which come as part of the stage price, we can also provide Hard sides using colour palight perspex or create a colour to suit.

Safety Railing

Safety railing can be supplied to fit any Prolyte stage. Your safety and the stage users can be kept safe by adding the railing to as many sides as you require.

Stair Handrails

Handrails are now available for stairs fitted to our standard stage heights of 600mm and 900mm. They can be fitted to both sides or just one side or the stairs.